Personally, I aspire to continue learning, sharing, and growing, as a leader, explorer, wife, mom, friend, daughter, sister and neighbor. 

Professionally, my purpose is to be an expert Consultant and Leader, guiding and protecting families as they move to where they want to be next.  I’m a 40 year valley resident (ASU graduate along with my hubby and 2 kids) and our team has helped thousands of families in virtually every area of this amazing desert valley we call “home”.

My willingness to be vigilant in navigating the ever-changing real estate environment means the folks we help have not just information, but meaningful interpretation. In today’s world, information is plentiful. How information is applied in a particular market in a particular situation is vital and makes a significant difference. Especially in real estate which requires individuals from 12-15 different industries to work together within tight and impactful deadlines for every transaction.

I’m curious when I hear someone say they’re “in real estate.” Like it just happened – or it's some fill-in between other things. After helping so many, that couldn’t be more different or further away from the view I hold. Folks deserve diligent focus and expertise each and every time – especially when it is often the single largest asset for a family.

I believe there is a reason we connect with the people we do in this life. I honor the opportunity to help folks that have been sent my way or our paths intersect. Quite simply I love the thought of leaving each other better than how we found each other.  

Thats my quick story. I look forward to learning about and sharing in yours.

Get To Know Beth Better:

Nickname:  Wanda (my family knows why)

Favorite Quote:  “What lies behind you and what lies in front of you, pales in comparison to what lies inside of you.” -- Ralph Waldo Emerson

When I’m not Real Estate Consulting:  I’m hiking, reading, travelling, or at the beach.

Last book I read:  Stealing Fire; Steven Kotler & Jamie Wheal

Favorite movie:  Pay It Forward (I cry but love it so….)

Last meal on Earth:  Crab Legs and Crème Brulee ….ahhhh!

Don’t tell anyone else but:  I used to be a High School PE teacher

First job:  Hardees… burger joint in the mid-west.

Rebe Homes is:  Friends that are Family

Super hero power:  Fierce focus on clarity with genuine compassion to make things better than the way I found it.