Meet Kortne Bongiorno

Real Estate Consultant, ‭(480) 980-2488‬,

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Personally, my passions include feeling my heart sing when I'm at one with the glorious gift of nature, creating a wonderful meal just by cleaning out the refrigerator, experiencing a hug that lifts my spirits, creative writing as an exploration & being a mom to my son who puts me on top of the world!

Professionally, I've dedicated the past 30 years to working with the public. The last 20-to being a trusted Real Estate Consultant who can guide & educate families in order to protect them from harm-because it's the type of absolute dedication they deserve. The families I help become friends and friends I love become families I help! 

When we choose to work together, you'll be 100% confident in the fact that I put experience, honesty & integrity first. As I organize & lead all of the material components of this complex process, I will be your protector who will skillfully negotiate terms, price & time frame based on your needs.

Experience shows that no two real estate transactions are the same just as no two families are the same, therefore my team and I consistently develop communication styles that can fluctuate, when necessary- given the well as complete consideration of the varying degrees of market conditions which must be accounted for to help you make the best decision for your family.

A caring & focused advocate is what you count on & sometimes this includes telling you what you don't want to hear-if you think back to all of the truly positive influences in your life- isn't that what they did for you? Help you see things you didn't see...or didn't want to?

Always on your team!! 

Get To Know Kortne Better:

Nickname(s): Lonesome, Motor Mouth, Kort, Bunny, & Mommy :)

Favorite Quote: "Each According to the Dictates of His Own Conscience" Norman Rockwell 

When I'm not Real Estate Consulting: Frolicking in a field of wild flowers in a National Park, taking my son to Gymnastics, listening to my hubby pour his soul out as the heart beat of the band, planning our next adventure!

Last Book I read: The Elements of Feng Shui; Man-Ho Kwok with Joanne O'Brien

Favorite Movie: The Secret Garden 

Least meal on Earth: oh to choose...LOVE King Crab Legs, Lobster Ravioli & Tiramisu or maybe Lemon Meringue pie

Don't tell anyone else but: I was a model for a short while 

First job: Hostess at Bonanza-steak house in the mid South

Rebe Homes is: my salvation!

Super Hero Power: Helping people see the bright side🙂